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track meet schedule

track starts february 27th

Boys and Girls

Track season is in the spring. Details will be announced near the end of the first semester or early second semester.

The Track Season will be sanctioned by APS Athletics and the New Mexico Activities Association.

Students interested in being on the track team are required to have a physical. APS physical forms

Practice Schedule

Monday - Thursday from 3:20 PM until 4:30 PM 

Meets will be on Monday(3)  and Tuesday (4)

Friday practices: there is more of a focus on throwing and jumping events.

A schedule will be given to athletes and posted on this site.

Meet Pick-up/Drop-off

All meets - 4:30 start time

  • Buses will be provided to and from the meet.
  • Students may be picked up from the meet if a transportation form was filled out.
  • Please be timely about picking students up after meets
  • There will be forms available at the meet.

Track Meet Event Schedule

Event Name Approx. Time
1600M 4:30
100M 5:00
400M   5:25
4X100 5:55
200M   6:30
800M   6:55
4X200  7:17
LONG J   4:30-5:30
HIGH J 4:30-5:30
DISC 5:15-6:15
SHOT 5:15-6:15  


running shoes

Contact Information

Head Coach: Michelle Winklepleck