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Ann Maes Locker
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Ann Maes

Office Hours Meet Code: JMSMAESOFFICE

Office Hours every Tuesday and Thursday 8:05-9:05 and 2:15-3:05.


Some Thursday mornings, I have other meetings, so check with me or make an appointment. 

Welcome to 6th Grade Math!


This is my second year at Jefferson and my 15th year teaching.  I attended APS and UNM.  My bachelor's degree is in Business, and my Master's is in Education. We have so much to cover this year, but it's primarily about fractions.  I absolutely believe that in order to learn math, You Must DO the Math!  None of us is good at something unless we practice it.

Supplies for class (online and classroom)
  • Spiral notebook
  • Pencils
  • Calculator
  • Whiteboard
  • Dry erase marker and eraser


A very basic or Dollar Store calculator is fine for 6th grade.  I will allow a calculator for most of the lessons and tests this year.  We will use whiteboards both in the classroom and online when you're in front of your computer screen. You can also find whiteboards at the Dollar Store or even a sheet of paper inside a sheet protector will work.  Of course, a paper towel or mismatched sock will work fine as an eraser.



Google Classroom

Google Classroom


Google Classroom Codes

Period 1: pbo750z

Period 2: nxfr63p

Period 3: unzveev

Period 4: 3uedpa3

Period 5: 6f6qf3o

Period 7: 35mieqb

Advisory: qhc05jr

Current Assignments