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From the First Brick

A Chronology

The original Jefferson building was erected in 1939. it was 37,056 square feet in area. Throughout the years, new additions were added to the original building.

In the 1950s the number of ...more

Jefferson History

Jefferson 1939

Jefferson Jounior High 1939

Atrium Addition 1994

Atrium Addition

Entryway Redesign 2004

Entryway Redesign 2004

Courtyard Addition 2004

east side

Architectural Drawings

The lot on the edge of town, covered with desert plants and farm animals, was the selected spot for the new junior high, Jefferson. It would be difficult to build, but this is what the people of ...more

the Roosevelt Connection

Among all the other schools, Jefferson Middle School is unique for the quality of its construction. What sets Jefferson apart from all other middle schools in New Mexico? The following chain of ...more

Quotes Quips and Quirky Anecdotes

"...What you learn here [at Jefferson] is really your preparation for high school. You have to learn to like to learn."
--Jeff Dempsey, JJHS 1957-60 "Dresses were made for girls, not pants!"
--George ...more


There is a little black book called the Student Council Minutes from the 1939, the 40s, and the 50s. The following is a collection of stories from way back when ...

Once Upon A Hall Monitor

November ...more

Jefferson Songs and Creed

The Jefferson Alma Mater

Historical Photos

My Alma Mater

Words and music by Sam Balcomb

As the first rays of morning sunlight filter over the mountains blue,

Mid the haze of the eastern mesa Alma Mater comes to view.

H ...more

Many thanks to Nancy Lopez for compiling or writing most of what is included in the History pages.

Also thanks to the following former Jets:

Alex Adams

Evan Bromberg

Rosa Covington

Erin Crossey

Colin Evans

Kristin Gignac

Aidan Kiley
Rachel LaFrance

Chantel Olver

James Porter

Laura Price-Waldman

Amber Riter

Emily Gordon

Eve Hare